Watsonville Regional Airport Promotion Fundraiser Dinner

Dear Airport Supporters:

Saturday, February 19th, 2005 will be the Watsonville Regional Airport Promotion fundraiser dinner. The dinner starts at 7:00 pm and we meet at 6:00 for no-host cocktails and visiting. It will be at the Seascape Golf Club, the usual place. The guest speaker has accepted our invitation. He is Bill Dunn, AOPA Airports Department. Bill Dunn was a leader in the formation of CRAMP (Coalition for Responsible Airport Management and Policy). CRAMP saved Reid Hillview Airport from extinction. CRAMP is still an important organization that is working hard to prevent bad things from happening. Some years ago Bill Dunn went to work for AOPA and has been active and successful in keeping airports from being closed or diminished.

Please mark on your calendar this important dinner meeting.

Thank you.

Dan E. Chauvet
WRAP-PAC Treasurer