Important South Lake Tahoe Airport (TVL) Update

Hello to everyone,
I was asked to pass on some operational information regarding the airport. By way of background, we now have a temporary airport manager. The city talked Rick Jenkins, former airport manager and all-around good guy to fill in for two months as of last week. Mike Dikun is okay with this for those interested and Rick is convinced, no easy task, that some very good things are likely to happen regarding the airport during his time back. He’s available in the airport office Mondays, Wednesdays and part of Friday if you want to say hi or buy him lunch.

The operational information is this. In closing the airport tower, the FAA agreed to keep their equipment in the building for a year on the chance the city reconsiders. Along with equipment are tapes and files for their record keeping. The city owns the building; the FAA owns the stuff (and the key). The tower frequency we use is just that, allocated for towers. As of November 25th, 2004, they will decommission 118.4 as a CTAF frequency here and we will have to switch to 122.95 for traffic. Take note of that. It will come out in a NOTAM but if you have two radios you may want to monitor 118.4 for a while just in case.

The problem is that the pilot controlled lighting is on 118.4. They are trying to get parts to change the crystal in the radio so lighting will work on 122.95 but it may be a while. Rick offered to turn on the lights at night and leave them on but the FAA won’t let him into the building. You should also be aware that the LDA (offset localizer) is unmonitored for the time being. That may or may not affect your operation.

On November 25th, 2004

  • CTAF 122.95
  • Pilot controlled lighting 118.4
  • Useless frequency 121.9 (old ground frequency)

    For liability, equipment and staffing reasons, Superior Aviation, although monitoring the frequency when in the office, will not be giving traffic or weather advisories on 122.95. Check your NOTAMS and fly safely.

    Don McCracken
    TVL Airport Association