A new restricted area near Camp Pendleton in Southern California will go into effect on November 25 (Thanksgiving Day). AOPA did not oppose the establishment of R-2503D because it provides better access to general aviation by replacing the much larger San Onofre Military Operations Area (MOA). The Southern California (Socal) Tracon will be the controlling agency of the restricted area and will be in direct contact with military controllers who will have the authority to allow transient traffic through the area. Instrument approaches into Oceanside and McClellan-Palomar airports won’t be affected, even when the restricted area is active. At the request of AOPA and local users, the FAA will be publishing the frequency (123.2/301.9) for Camp Pendleton’s radar facility on sectional charts for transition requests. On November 20, the San Diego FSDO will be hosting a safety briefing on runway incursions. Navy representatives will be on hand to answer questions about the new restricted area. The seminar begins at 9 a.m. in Gillespie Field’s Administration Building 1960 in El Cajon, California.