FAA Okays Residential Development Near Long Beach Airport

FAA Okays Residential Development Near Long Beach Airport
But Officials Still Have Reservations

A controversial housing project that would put up to 1,400 single family homes and apartments close to California’s Long Beach Airport has won FAA approval — with reservations. While the project is technically compatible with continued airport operations, FAA officials said they’re worried that folks who move into the new development would eventually pressure the city of Long Beach to reduce airport noise.

On that point, the FAA Director of Airport Safety And Standards, David L. Bennett, wrote, “Purchasers of these residences should not expect the City to take any action to mitigate aircraft noise at that site at the expense of the airport.” His letter of opinion was quoted by the Long Beach Press-Telegram.

“The City should understand,” he continued, “that the FAA will not support future restrictions on airport operations for the purpose of mitigating the impact of aircraft noise on these new residences.”

The FAA had warned Long Beach city officials that they were putting their federal airport funds at risk by considering a development so close to the field.P

But Bennett found that the proposed Douglas Park development would be outside the noise contours surrounding LGB. That means, said Bennett, the development was technically permissible.

Whether the developer, Boeing Realty, actually gets to build on that land remains to be seen. The issue is now a hot topic before the Long Beach city council.

FMI: www.longbeach.gov/airport