“This message is my personal opinion regarding the future of C. P. A.
As an organized aviation oriented pilot association, what does the C.P.A. have to offer Communities in the form of a public service program which would earn community support and attention? C.P.A would benefit greatly if the organization was recognized as a community service organization. Many pilots are in business within every airport community. How many of these pilots are members of the CPA? How many pilots in business speak out in support of their local airport? I would suggest that the C.P.A. support an ?Adopt an Airport? program and sell the idea to all pilots in California. A program of this nature would surely attract the attention of every airport Community. For a starter, pilots could work with the local Airport Manager in the promotion of the airport.

How are pilots, presently, displaying their support for the Cause? Let?s start promoting our local airports. This would give the general public a positive impression of our goals. Pilots and Communities should be working together to save airports.

How many community airports in California are members of the California Pilots Association? The Aim & Purpose of the C. P. A. is to protect airports. Right? How is it possible to protect an airport if the local airport is not supportive of what C.P.A. is trying to accomplish? Pilots, assisting in the promotion of their airport would certainly be a positive program that most local Airport Managers would embrace, and, the C.P.A. would receive their support.

Let?s get with it and start promoting our airports instead of continually moaning about the airport?s problems, and, the lack of pilot support.


Bill Maasberg

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