Second Lindbergh Field AAOZ Challenge Upheld

The second proposed construction (222 Laurel) which intrudes into the Lindbergh Field AAOZ, this one by about 80 feet, was not approved last night by our Uptown Planning Council. (Uptown Planners are an advisory group to San Diego City Council.) Last week’s defeat of the Bankers Hill Townhomes Project, which only intruded about 20 feet, by City Council made a powerful statement. The same concerns about safety prompted this defeat.

Actually letters from CPA to City Council on the Bankers Hill Townhomes were cited twice in the process of deliberation by the Uptown Planners. It is very clear that the CPA’s letters have been an important factor in preventing of these AAOZ intrusions.

I am hoping that the Developer of 222 Laurel’s next step will be to redesign his project at an appropriate height rather than try his luck again on the present project at City Council. Hopefully the message about public safety got through and we won’t need to call on you again.

Thanks again for your help.
Caroline Morse