2005 Aviation Safety Symposium Slated in Long Beach

This year?s FAA aviation safety symposium in Long Beach, California has something for all aviation enthusiasts. The symposium, scheduled for March 22-23 at the Queen Mary, includes speakers from the FAA, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Civil Aeronautical Medical Institute (CAMI) and Cirrus Aviation. Civil Aeronautical Medical Institute (CAMI) and Cirrus Aviation. Among subjects covered will be sport pilot/light-sport aircraft; human factors issues in aviation; general aviation; air carrier and helicopter accidents and related maintenance issues; equipment installations and approvals; FAA regulations; and other current aviation issues.

An industry tradeshow will be open between sessions. World champion aerobatic pilot Patty Wagstaff will also appear. This event qualifies for both Wings and Aviation Maintenance Technicians awards. The symposium also qualifies as required training for IA renewals in accordance with 65.93(a)(4). IA’s should bring documentation for renewal, as FAA Inspectors will be available both days for on site renewals. For more information, visit www.faasafety.gov or contact George Mahurin at 562-420-1755 ext. 136