Torrance Airport News

The Torrance Airport Commission approved a visit April 14-15 of the EAA’s B-17 “Fuddy-Duddy”.
The joint EAA/Torrance Airfair Association event is expected to draw 5,000 to the airport for
rides, aircraft tours, and an EAA Young Eagle operation. The Commission recommendation goes
to City Council for final approval in a few weeks. I inquired about grants–including the $10,000 per year provided by the State of California DOT.
The airport facilities director was unfamiliar with this entitlement and said that, to his
knowledge, Torrance had never applied for the funds. I sent him information on how to apply
for the grant.

The Commission also has formed a subcommittee to look at a proposed $250,000 upgrade of noise
monitoring equipment. Torrance?s current 10 year old noise monitoring system is equivalent
to those in place at LAX, SFO and San Diego (all commercial airports). The committee noted
that there is no such equipment at Fullerton–an airport very similar to Torrance. They
spend almost nothing compared to what Torrance spends–$22,000 per month just on phone lines
to tie the nine microphones to the airport. A full report and recommendation will be
presented to the full Commission next month. The Commission will make a formal
recommendation to City Council.

Out of seven members, the Torrance Commission now has four pilots (three of them are aircraft

Jim Gates

Torrance Pilots Association
Torrance Airport Commission