Corona Airport Says Thanks

Corona Airport Pilots, as well as the Corona Pilots’ Association, wants to thank the surrounding airports that assisted us during the January and February flooding. Chino Airport opened their arms and gave all who came a tie-down free of charge until they were able to return home. Riverside Airport provided a separate area for “Corona Refugees” as well as “Redlands Refugees,” again free of charge. Flabob provided not only free rent for six months, but held a “Corona Friendship Day” complete with lunch and a tour of their facility. Several tenants opened their own hangar doors and allowed Corona aircraft that are fabric, antique or composite, to share their space (a small fee was charged, but all Corona guys were more than happy to pay their fair share). Because these three airports are the closest to Corona, many of our tenants went there, but others flew to other locales, including French Valley, Fullerton and Orange County. We can certainly tell you with great authority that we did not encounter anything but overwhelming warmth, concern and compassion. The airport community showed its solidarity in welcoming us immediately and offering all they could to assist. Thank you very much for all your help!

Susan Brunner
Corona Pilots’ Association