South Lake Tahoe (TVL) Airport Association News

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Hello to everyone,
Just a note to announce a few upcoming events. Please mark your calendars.

TVL Airport Association Quarterly Meeting
Thursday, May 12, 2005
6:00 pm in Chases’ Restaurant
We’ll meet the new airport manager, discuss the current state of affairs with Rick Jenkins and anything else of interest.

Mountain Flying Clinic
Saturday, June 18, 2005
9:00 am to 4:00 pm (in the airport terminal building)
This was quite a successful event last year and we hope to repeat that this year. This program qualifies for the Wings program and is well presented by Bill Schroeder of the Civil Air Patrol. We hope to have Dick Angelo of the Reno FSDO on hand. Please invite anyone you think may want to come. We could also use local pilots and particularly instructors to help after the ground school part to fly. This is not instruction but a chance to reinforce, with local pilots, what was learned in the ground school in the participants’ own airplane.

Lake Tahoe Airfest 2005
Saturday, September 3, 2005
Rick Jenkins has taken the lead again this year for having us host the Airfest. This huge event (for us) is great promotion for the community and for our airport. Without Rick’s help this thing would most certainly fade into the sunset. But he needs A LOT of help. None of this is hard but it takes a commitment of a couple of hours to watch airplanes on a Saturday. We need the help of local pilots for security of visiting airplanes. Sign-up with Krista or Rick or Smokey or me or Michael or Tony. Get a free hot dog, watch some planes, chat it up and yell at a few kids! What could be better! And thank you.

Please mark your calender for these activities and get off your couch. We need your participation. It’s quite easy to become disengaged…I suffer from this too. We have a new city council, a new owner at Chases’, a new airport manager, and a new airport commission. Will things change? Not if you stay on your couch.

We will more than likely have a bike repair morning, a few fly-outs and a Young Eagle Day as well so stayed tuned. Thanks for your time.

Don McCracken
TVL Airport Association