Lemoore Naval Air Station Airspace Grab?

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The FAA has published a “Notice to All Concerned” about the U.S. Navy’s proposal to expand Military Operations Area and Air Traffic Control Assigned Airspace in central California. The FAA notice aims to determine the effects the proposed changes would have upon the safe and efficient use of the airspace by all users. by all users. The proposal has been carefully monitored by GA advocacy groups for over a year, and it has raised serious concerns. The Navy’s proposed design includes a GA transition corridor, but in spite of that, AOPA spokesman Chris Dancy told AVwebyesterday, most IFR traffic in the area would have to be rerouted around the lower portions of the MOA. “IFR aircraft navigating by way of RNAV will be impacted the most, since the MOAs will prohibit those aircraft from flying ‘IFR Direct’ in much of the area between Fresno and points west along the coast,” Dancy said.