Santa Monica City Officials Submit an Airport Landing-Fee Plan to the FAA

No title Under the new SMO landing-fee program, (ALL) “itinerant” aircraft (those based outside the airport) will be charged landing fees at a uniform rate of $2.07 per thousand pounds of maximum certified gross landing weight, regardless of size. The landing fees will not apply to aircraft based at SMO. The new landing-fee structure for SMO was developed in response to a complaint about the former fee structure filed by NBAA and two of its Member Companies with the FAA in October 2003. That filing contented that SMO’s previous landing-fee program was unjustly discriminatory and unlawful. In January of this year, the FAA concurred, stating that the fees violated federal law, and that Santa Monica Airport would be ineligible for federal airport improvement funds until the fees were repealed and replaced with a suitable landing-fee structure.

Last month, Santa Monica City officials submitted a new airport landing-fee plan to the FAA. The Agency conditionally accepted the city’s proposal, and stated that if it were implemented, the city would once again be eligible for federal financial assistance. On June 21, the Santa Monica City Council implemented the new structure through the adoption of Resolution 10047 (CCS).


Editor’s Note:
Once again, we witness how creative politician’s can be when they want to circumvent the law. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if politician’s would spend just 25% of the efforts required to raise taxes to live within their budgets? Imagine what it will cost to regulate this ill conceived effort!