TSA Planning to Inspect Maintenance Shops

TSA Planning to Inspect Shops that Repair Jets
Thousands of airplane maintenance shops would get increased scrutiny to make sure they are not easy prey for terrorists looking to sabotage U.S. jets during routine repairs, according to a story in USA Today, which notes:

“Some experts and lawmakers have warned for years about potential terrorist saboteurs infiltrating airplane repair shops, and have urged security oversight. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) says the greatest danger is posed by repair shops that are on or next to airports because a terrorist could take control of an airplane.”

Editor’s Note: It appears that TSA is a bureaucracy which can do anything it wants and that USA Today continues to distort the facts to sell papers.

A proposed TSA regulation would enable the agency to inspect airplane repair shops. If the TSA found a problem, it would tell the FAA to suspend the shop’s operating license.

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