Calling All California Flight Schools and Flight Instructors

Greetings, Fellow “BPPE-agitators!”
Here’s a message to let you know that I’ve established the “California Aviation Instruction Providers” Forum hosted by “”. This forum is intended to serve as a common point of communication and will allow you to post whatever messages you receive from various sources so that others can read them and become informed. I’ve started uploading some of the documents (AB48, BPPE proposed regs, etc) but there is a lot to do. Feel free to add to the collection!
You can also help out by passing the word … the direct link to the forum is: … or easier, just go to and click on the big, blue letters directing you to the forum. (I’ll make a “prettier” link later … for now its more important that it just work!)
I hope that this forum encourages more engagement by those who haven’t yet fully understood the seriousness of AB48 and its application to aviation training in California.
By the way, those individuals who register and sign in to the forum (vs. just viewing as a guest) will also see three sections intended for Part 141 Schools, Part 61 Schools, and Independent Instructors.
Corl Leach