FAAST – Announcing New FAA Safety Briefing Weather Issue

There is little that is more important to a pilot than being up to speed on weather. This year, FAA Safety Briefing dedicated its July/August issue to this topic that impacts safety for all pilots. Articles address obtaining and interpreting weather data, developing strategies for avoiding marginal or hazardous weather, and what services ATC can and cannot provide in adverse conditions.

In her article, “The Whither and Whether of Flying in Weather,” FAA Safety Briefing editor Susan Parson discusses how to fine tune your weather knowledge and build a framework for sound go, no-go decisions in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC).

“Part of being proficient and safe in IMC is knowing and adhering to your individual personal minimums,” says Parson. “One way to approach this is to consider how comfortable you are in each of the different basic weather categories in aviation—VFR, marginal VFR, IFR, and low IFR.”

Check out the July/August issue at www.faa.gov/news/safety_briefing/.