FAAST – Las Vegas North Town 2 Departure

The North Las Vegas, NV airport has had numerous pilot deviations in the past year.Twenty Six (26) of these pilot deviations have been on the “North Town 2” Standard Instrument Departure (SID), alone.

Las Vegas area airspace is comprised of a valley, surrounded by mountains and shared by four airports. The Las Vegas McCarran International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the nation. Nellis Air Force base is also one of the busiest military air bases. Add general aviation Henderson Executive and North Las Vegas airports, and you have a very high volume traffic area and little airspace to maneuver in. It is imperative that the North Town 2 departure be flown, “as published”, to avoid loss of separation from other Las Vegas area airspace users.

There is nothing remarkable about this departure. Many deviations have occurred, simply because of inadequate pre-flight planning and briefing. You must be prepared to fly the departure, “as published”. If you are going to fly out of the North Las VegasAirport, under normal circumstances, you can expect ATC to issue this departure “as published”.

A prudent, proficient, well prepared pilot is no accident.In the case of pilot airspace deviations, “what happens in Vegas, doesn’t stay in Vegas”. Don’t gamble with inadequate flight planning!

Be prepared to fly the entire procedure! See Attachment-Review the Departure



This link is to the North Las Vegas Airport runway deviations/incursion video put together by the Clark County DOA. It is well done and an excellent training tool for all pilots headed to KVGT (the principles can be applied to any airfield).

At the request of the LAS FAASTeam I am forwarding the link. Please direct it to the attention of airmen planning a cross country flight to Las Vegas. Bear in mind that the vast majority of pilot deviations at KVGT are from California.

Here is the link to the North Las Vegas Airport, Runway Safety- Interactive Flight Crew Briefing.

Paul Peterson
FAASTeam Rep
Livermore, CA