BUR Airport Curfew Update

This is being posted to advise everyone what the City Of Burbank and the Burbank Airport authority are trying to do.

The FAA denied a part 161 Study to impose a Full Night Time Curfew at BUR. Now the City and the Airport Authority are trying to go around FAA regulations by requesting the three Congressmen in the San Fernando Valley propose an amendment to attach to the FAA reauthorization legislation.

If this amendment is added and passed then Both Bob Hope Airport (BUR) and Van Nuys Airport) would be able to impose a Full Night Time Curfew and this unlike what they claim will cost jobs restrict access to both Commercial and GA flying.

I believe that it will open the door and allow it to be implemented at airports around the country restricting access to them.

The attachment is from the agenda for the meeting listed below and is copies of letters that have been sent to Congress and proposed.

Scheduled for the Regular Burbank Airport Authority Meeting to be held at BUR on August 2, 2010 starting 9:00 AM the #6 item below listed in the Agenda.

Attached is the pdf file containing the 6 pages of documents and letters signed by the San Fernando Valleys Congressmen, (Howard Berman, Brad Sherman, and Adam Schiff) trying to get a attachment included in the FAA reauthorization legislation in Congress.

This is a political ploy designed to circumvent the FAA’s BUR 161 Study denial and the Law. The way the Letter is worded, the language proposed will have far reaching effects for airports across the Nation, not just Bob Hope and Van Nuys Airports.

Peter Albiez
California Pilots Association