Monterey County Airports Receive Federal Funding

Salinas airport received $2.1 million “for the phased reconstruction of parallel Taxiway B,” according to a news release from U.S. Rep. Sam Farr, D-Carmel. The project is necessary to improve the poor condition of the pavement and to meet current standards, Farr said.Other awards: Monterey Peninsula Airport: $2.3 million; Mesa Del Rey Airport (King City): $484,750; Watsonville Municipal Airport: $52,250; Hollister Municipal Airport: $30,000.

Editor’s Note: It is seldom understood that airport’s are part of the state’s transportation infrastructure and provide the state and municipality with monetary benefits. The information below was taken from the Livermore community brochure which includes the airport and is an example of what our state airports contribution to the economy.

“LVK’s Economic Benefits Referred to by its international airport code letters “LVK”, the Livermore Municipal Airport is owned & operated by the City of Livermore as a self-sustaining enterprise fund. Operating and capital budgets are entirely user-funded through land and facility leases and fuel sales.

No General Fund or taxpayer monies support the airport. According to a 2001 study, the airport contributed over $57 million to the local economy through direct & indirect spending and supported approximately 577 jobs. Taxes paid by aircraft owners and LVK tenants for fiscal year 2002-03 resulted in nearly $800,000 in direct payments to the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District, the City of Livermore, Alameda County and various countywide special districts as shown in the pie chart.

The airport continues to promote business growth by providing flexible, efficient and direct air transportation. Since one in seven jobs in the Bay Area is indirectly tied to aviation, economic benefits should escalate in conjunction with anticipated Tri-Valley population growth of 25% over the next 15 years. LVK will be called upon to serve the growing air transportation needs of local businesses and area residents well into the future.”

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