Nut Tree Airport, Petition for Further ALUC Planning Consideration

Open Letter to Airport Land Use Commission – Nut Tree Airport
It is respectfully requested that the Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) meet to further discuss the proposed zoning changers for the community area in the vicinity of the Nut Tree Airport.

Additional information to consider

  1. Noise dB Calculations. The staff materials show a base-10 math calculation for adding/subtracting dB numbers. This is not the case, as dB “math” is done with exponential/logarithmic math, not our customary base-10. Someone who knows how to make dB calculations needs to review the assertions. For example, a (simple/small) 3 dB difference represents either Twice or Half as much sound/noise.
  2. A report in the planning materials appears to indicate that 63 dB is the number that would be in the proposed area, thus exceeding the 60 dB planning criteria.
  3. Previously Approved Instrument Approach. A former ALUC commissioner has indicated, in other correspondence to the ALUC and/or planning staff, that the Long Rang plan for the Nut Tree airport includes approved provisions for a Precision Instrument Approach. An uprated FAA Part-77 study needs to be prepared that includes the future Precision Instrument Approach.
  4. The current Airport Land Use Plan for the Nut Tree is over 20 years old, and does not comply with California requirements that were required to be incorporated by 1992. The current guidelines include provisions for six (6) graduated Safety Zones in the airport Vicinity, which is defined as going out to two (2) miles around the airport. The Nut Tree plan does not include these California Safety Zones.

The attachment includes excerpts from Current State and Federal airport planning documents. It is requested that the ALUC review the attachment, and re-consider the pending application in view of this additional current material.

Bill Sanders, Board Member
California Pilots Association