SB1141 Requiring Airport Land Use Commissions Vetoed

Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed SB 1141 (McLeod) requiring Airport Land Use Commissions.

“I am returning Senate Bill 1141 without my signature. SB 1141 makes public entities ineligible for State Aeronautics Account money if they choose not to create a countywide land use bureaucracy. I am concerned that this bill is unnecessary and subversive of local control over land use decisions. Existing law provides local officials sufficient land use tools to protect their airports from encroaching development and to protect the public. In effect, the bill fiscally punishes those local governments who believe they can make good land use decisions on their own accord without countywide airport land use commissions. For these reasons I cannot sign this bill.

Arnold Schwarzenegger”

Editor’s Note: We disagree Governor Schwarzenegger. This bill was created to address the fact that some local municipalities are disregarding their duty to protect their citizens from the prevalent safety and noise issues by allowing encroachment of the state airports.