AB48, AB1889 – Schwarzenegger vetoes California CFI moratorium

Schwarzenegger vetoes California CFI moratorium

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has vetoed Assembly Bill 1889, which would have imposed a moratorium on costly new flight training regulations in the state. The governor objected to parts of the bill unrelated to the flight school provision, according to a story at AOPA.org, which notes that the organization is “undaunted” by the veto as it is working on several legislative vehicles to address controversial new flight school regulations from the California Private Postsecondary Act of 2009.
Editor’s Note: This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone – trying to install high paying state jobs as part of this flight school saving legislation demonstrates how this legislator and the state employees union continue to try to to take advantage of a situation to prevent the loss of lucrative state jobs. The state should dissolve BPPE now.