2010 CALPILOTS Advocates of the Year Award

2010 Airport Advocates of the Year – The California Pilots Association is pleased to announce the recipients of the California Pilots Association 2010 Airport Advocates of the Year Award.


Hal Zamora and Dan Chauvet

This annual award is an acknowledgment of Dan Chauvet and Hal Zamora, of the Watsonville Pilots Association for their five years (and counting) worth of efforts to block the City of Watsonville from approving incompatible development around the Watsonville airport.

There is no question had the city had been allowed to execute on its plan that the public, and the airport, would have been placed in jeopardy.

On behalf of the board, and the membership, I want to congratulate Dan and Hal and thank you both for your past and continued efforts, to keep our state’s airports safe.

We will be formally acknowledging and presenting the awards at our Annual Meeting in Long Beach, which we are holding during AOPA’s Summit, Saturday November 13th at 10:00AM.

With sincere appreciation,

Ed Rosiak – President
California Pilots Association