FAA Targets Part Time IA's – Update

Update – FAA extends comment period on IA proposal

The FAA’s recently proposed change in the definition of “actively engaged” for issuing and renewing an A&P Inspector Authorization (IA) has stirred up a lot of worry in the GA community. The comment period for the notice of proposed policy published on Nov. 5 has been extended to Jan. 17, 2011. According to the FAA, “an individual must be actively engaged, for at least the prior two-year period, in maintaining aircraft to be eligible to either obtain or renew an IA.” This proposal is a significant change to long-established practice for IA qualifications, according to officials at the National Business Aviation Association. Comment on the proposal here, docket number FAA-2010-1060.

The FAA is trying to change the definition of “actively engaged” Inspection Authorization (IA’s). Basically they want to pare down the number because of cuts in FAA staffing means they can’t monitor them as well as they would like. The basic premise is that they want IA’s to be employed full time to keep the rating. This could potentially eliminate a great number of part time IA’s or retirees that only work on a few airplanes. FYI, the rule wouldn’t apply to FAA inspectors, who get a free pass to keep their IAs, and then get to decide who’s “part time” and who isn’t.

The date for comments to be in is December 6th – not far away. They want to put it into effect before March 31st when all IA’s come up for renewal. This is your opportunity to comment against this questionable change.

Here’s the link to the Federal Register: