FAA Meeting on Tracy Acrobatics Box – Jan 22nd

The FAA has reported that a meeting considering moving the Tracy Acrobatic Airport Area Box will take place at 10AM on Saturday January 22nd at Tracy City Hall.

Tracy City Council Member Abercrombie has received 12 letters complaining about Acrobatic aircraft noise between the hours of 10AM and 5PM (the designated Box times frame). The FAA has decided to listen to these complaints for possible movement of the acrobatic box. Anyone that wishes to have time to speak to the FAA and the opposing group should contact Councilman Abercrombie at 209-470-2892.

Letter to Abercrombie from David Anderson

Council Member Abercrombie,

We would like to express our support for Tracy Airport. Additionally we are writing to express our opposition to the closure/movement of the acrobatic box, or any other hindrance to any operations at Tracy Airport.

IAC Chapter 38 has gone through the hoops and voluntarily imposed a number of restrictions that are not required, to reduce the impact of their operations. They have done more than necessary and reasonable and should not be expected or required to make any other changes in their operations.

Aerobatics operations impose very little safety impact. As far as noise goes, the airport has been in operation at this location for over 80 years and the box was in operation before we started flying at KTCY in the early 90’s. If folks do not like airplane noises, they are free to purchase a home at another location and we respectfully request that you advise them of this option and remind them that airport operations at KTCY are protected by avigation easements. When the complaints concerning night operations arrive, we would request the same response.

We respectfully remind you that the aircraft operations at KTCY are protected by avigation easements. These folks knew there was an airport across the street when they purchased their house and that aircraft operation is protected by these easements. Furthermore, we would also like to remind you that against numerous protests from the aviation community, the City Staff repeatedly insisted that the construction of these houses, across the street from the airport, would not have any adverse impact on airport operations.

We therefore expect the City to maintain its position that these houses will not have any impact on airport operations.

We plan to attend the meeting on 1/22 and in addition to ourselves; we have a few other others that would like to express their opposition of these changes to the FAA at the meeting.

David Anderson
Tracy Airport Association

EAA Life Member
AOPA Member
CalPilots Member