HOT SPOT-Restricted Area R-2502A; Fort Irwin, CA

Notice Number: NOTC2955
This is an “ALERT” notification from The Riverside Flight Standards District Office, (FSDO) regarding an excessively high number of Pilot Deviations in the Restricted Area; “R-2502A” of Fort Irwin, CA.

This airspace is relatively new in the Mojave Desert, established in Dec. 2009. Details are; ALTITUDE: Surface to 16,000′, TIME of USE: Continuous, CONTROLLING AGENCY/CONTACT FACILITY: Los Angeles Cntr. It is attached to R-2502E just to the north of Daggett VOR. (Click on Link Below to See Attached Chart Depiction)

The Riverside FSDO would like to remind pilots to be vigilant of the airspace your’e flying through. It is necessary to have updated charts and/or GPS (RAIM/WAAS) data to maintain your situational awareness at all times in the National Airspace System. As PIC it is a requirement to utilize all necessary information, as noted in Sec. 91.103-Preflight action; Each pilot in command shall, before beginning a flight, become familiar with all available information concerning that flight.