FOSMO to Welcome World Aviator, Wei Chen

Santa Monica Airport – Friends Of Santa Monica Airport to Welcome Around the World Aviator, Wei Chen, to Historic Santa Monica Airport

Wei Chen, a private pilot is flying his single engine Daher-Socata TBM 700 around the world. Starting from his home in Memphis, TN, Mr. Chen is making history with his flight by obtaining
clearance for multiple stops through Chinese airspace (Hong Kong, Changsha, Xian, Beijing, and Harbin). China has previously not allowed General Aviation aircraft to fly freely within the country.
This event marks an opening for General Aviation to grow further throughout the world. Today China has less than 300 airports in the entire country compared to over 5,000 airports in this

Mr. Chen will be making his Los Angeles stop by landing at Santa Monica Airport on the afternoon of July 22nd, exact time of arrival to be determined1. There will be a welcoming party of FOSMO,
fans and media for him at the Typhoon Restaurant at the airport.

This is not the first time that Santa Monica airport has been the site for an historic around the world flight. In March of 1924 the Douglas World Cruiser (built at the then Douglas factory at Santa
Monica Airport) left for an around the world flight and returned 175 days later making Douglas the “First Around the World.”

Wei Chen is a member the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association China. He left Memphis on May 22nd and is returning to Memphis on July 29th The route of flight has already taken Wei from
Memphis, through Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Dubai, India, Laos, Vietnam, China, Russia and to the most recent landing in Anchorage, AK. He is currently en route to Seattle Boeing Field and then Santa Monica Friday afternoon.

“Santa Monica Airport is the oldest operating airport in Los Angeles County and the Friends of Santa Monica Airport welcome Wei Chen! His stopover in Santa Monica demonstrates the continued value and importance of this airport and general aviation to the local community and to its reputation throughout the world,” said Robby Rowbotham, FOSMO President.
About Wei Chen’s around the world flight

Wei Chen has provided inspired leadership by giving back to the community and people where he lives. His passion has been to bridge the divide between China and the West and promote private aviation in China. Mr. Chen’s around the world flight demonstrates the importance of General Aviation throughout the world. Follow Wei at the website listed below and/or visit the video interview with him in the second link below.

About the Friends of Santa Monica Airport
The Friends of Santa Monica Airport (FOSMO) is a non-profit organization of pilots, air traffic controllers, and aircraft maintenance professionals. Our members have been serving the Los Angeles community for over 30 years. Our mission is to promote aviation at Santa Monica Airport; to educate the public as to the past, present and future benefits of aviation and thereby preserve our community.

 See and insert N168CW in the Private Flight Tracker. Current estimate: between 1300 and 1500 hours Pacific Time, however this may change. For location of Typhoon Restaurant, see: