25th Anniversary Voyager Celebration

The 25th anniversary of the first round the world un-refueled flight will be celebrated at this Saturday’s, Dec 17th, Plane Crazy Saturday at Mojave Airport, 10am-2pm.

 The event will be followed by a dinner honoring Voyager pilots Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager, Voyager designer Burt Rutan and the Voyager Volunteers. (See attached for the cost of the dinner).


“25 years ago the Voyager landed at nearby Edwards Air Force Base after a nine day flight around the world without refueling . It was a landmark in aerospace history and a testament to the American Spirit” said Cathy Hansen.


Visitors will also be able to see a one-quarter scale model of Voyager and a full scale replica of Space Ship One on display in Legacy Park near the flight line. Other aircraft will be on display on the flight line also.


For more information see www.mojavemuseum.org.