During January 2012, the Department of the Navy will conduct an amphibious operations training exercise along the shoreline and within facilities associated with Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California.

This exercise is essential to train Navy and Marine Corps units in planning, coordination and execution of amphibious landings and sea-to-shore operations. The exercises will include intensive, hazardous military aviation, and ground fire activities to include artillery live fire.

In order to support these hazardous activities, Restricted Airspace (R2503D) has been established adjacent to existing restricted area R-2503A/B. The R2503D’s airspace will be activated during designated periods throughout the exercises. A description and graphic depiction of the R2503D is contained in the following pages.

Military aircraft using the R2503D airspace will consist of light attack helicopters and fixed wing jet aircraft. Activities conducted will include helicopter escort, reconnaissance and simulated attack missions. In addition, fixed wing jet aircraft will conduct air strike routings through the R2503D airspace into the Camp Pendleton impact area.

All exercise air operations shall be conducted in VFR conditions.

Pilots wishing to transit the airspace or obtain status information should contact LONGRIFLE on frequency 123.2 or 310.3.


26 JAN   1100-1500L     261900-262300Z


R-2503D Camp Pendleton, CA.

Boundaries. Beginning at Lat 33 degrees 22’ 42”N.;

Long 117 degrees 36’ 45”W.; to Lat 33 degrees 27’ 13”N.;

Long 117 degrees 34’ 17”W.; to Lat 33 degrees 18’ 41”N.;

Long 117 degrees 23’ 58”W.; to Lat 33 degrees 17’ 30”N.;

Long 117 degrees 16’ 43”W.; to Lat 33 degrees 14’ 09”N.;

Long 117 degrees 26’ 38”W.; to the point of beginning by following a line 1 nautical mile from and parallel to the shoreline.

Designated altitudes. 2,000 feet MSL to 11,000 feet MSL.

Controlling Agency. FAA, Southern California Terminal Radar Approach Control.

Using Agency. Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, CA.

Designated use of R-2503D in support of military training is by NOTAM and limited to twenty (20) days per year between the hours of 0600-2400 hours local time, and no more than ninety (90) days per year between 0001 and 0600 local time, unless otherwise approved by TRACON.

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