CalPilots Supports Blythe ALUC on New Power Plant Threat

In case you weren’t aware, the Blythe Airport already encroached by a power plant situated on final a mile east for runway 26, is under another threat.

Blythe Airport is being further threatened by another power plant effort proposing setting up a Photovoltaic field, or a field of glass mirrors designed to absorb sunlight located adjacent to the airport.

The Blythe Airport Land Use Commission requested assistance from the California Pilots Association in addressing this inappropriate land use proposal. We are currently working with the Blythe ALUC to defeat this proposal and maintain the viability of the Blythe Airport.

It would seem that power plant companies are targeting our state airports because they can save millions in start-up costs since the infrastructure (sewer, water, electrical, roads) are already in place.

While the California Pilots Association is not against power plant operations, we are against any installation, which threatens airport operations and viability.

A review of the picture below shows the unacceptable proposed location for these Photovoltaic mirrors.

Blythe Airport


Note the proposed PhotoVoltaic area east of runway 17/35. Also note the existing turbine power plant one mile east of runway 26.