Closure of Waldo Lake, OR – Comments requested

Oregon State Marine Board revisiting Closure of Waldo Lake-Comments requested – CalPilots Editors Note: The Columbia Seaplane Pilots Association requests your help.

To our California Pilots Association Friends,

The Columbia Seaplane Pilots Association has been working to repeal the Oregon State Marine Board’s 2010 rule that banned gas motors on Waldo Lake. CSPA with support from its members, national SPA, outboard motor advocates and CPA members like you were successful in overturning the U S Forest Services’ attempt to close Waldo Lake, a 6000 acre lake in the heart of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains, to seaplanes in 2009. At that point the former Oregon Governor took over and directed the Oregon State Marine Board to implement a rule to close the lake.

The ban on internal combustion motors and floatplanes was enacted without due process and the Marine Board knows it. That’s why they are conducting a new rule making process and Public Hearing. We have an opportunity to let them know that Waldo Lake should be accessible to all – including seaplanes – and that the ban should be repealed. Please go to our website for up to date information on how to comment and the history of the process.

Individual letters are important to let the members of the Marine Board know that we are out there and not a bunch of button pushers just sending in form letters. We have provided several talking points that will help you formulate a brief message to the Marine Board members. If you already know what you want to say just hit this button , but be sure to add some personal comment and your name at the end.

In 2010 when we made our presentations to the Marine Board there were over 100 responses advocating for continued use by seaplanes. Unfortunately, as is explained on the CSPA Website information, the former Governor had the Board members tied up in knots over the issue. We are hoping that CPA members will come to the call this time now that we hope for a fair hearing and reversal of the closure. Numbers count and we are up against a very active non-motorized lobby in the Sierra Club and a group called Oregon Wild.

If you are a motorboat owner this issue is probably also near and dear to you also. One of our allies, Waldo Lake for EVERYONE!, has launching a new website which I invite you to visit at: .  Waldo Lake for EVERYONE!’s goal is to provide information about the Marine Board’s upcoming April 10th public meeting on Waldo Lake and how we can help overturn the motor ban. Their position is that EPA certified 4 cycle motors, which don’t emit exhaust pollutants into the water and are virtually quiet when compared to other ambient sources of noise, should be allowed. Details on the meeting and where to send comments are also on the WLFE website.

No doubt most of the readers of this letter won’t be able to join us at the public hearing on April 10th in Springfield, Oregon so please send the Marine Board your comments as to why the motor ban should be repealed. If convenient please cc me on your emails, see below.

Thank you for your time and support.


Bill Wainwright,

CSPA Vice President,

SPA Field Director for Oregon

(503) 293-7627