Saving General Aviation

general-aviation-newsGeneral Aviation News recently published the following guest editorial from the newest CalPilots’ board members, Jolie Lucas and Mitch Latting…Editor

Recently a critic of ours said that we “fly around the country acting like they are the saviors of general aviation.”

Latting-Lucas-500x312As we thought about this criticism, we had to admit there is some truth to the statement. We so strongly believe in promoting general aviation, we developed a presentation called PGA2: Promote General Aviation, Protect GA Airports.

We have presented PGA2 at shows and conferences, including AirVenture, Women in Aviation, and the Mooney Aircraft Pilots Association, as well as to many pilot groups throughout California. We firmly believe that unless we all do something, the face of general aviation in the United States could change for the worse. So, it looks like our critic is right. This begs the question: Why aren’t there more folks out there doing the same?

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