CalPilot Annual Meeting Update

Meet-Us In Mojave! Don’t miss the California Pilots Association Annual Meeting at Mojave Air and Space Port October 19-21 … and learn all about the “second space age” taking shape in the California Desert.

MHV is the first facility to be licensed by the FAA for horizontal launches of reusable spacecraft, and is home to many pioneers of the civilian space industry, such as XCOR Aerospace. XCOR’s mission is to radically lower the cost of spaceflight through development of new, reusable space vehicles. For example, its two-seat suborbital spaceship, the Lynx, roughly the size of a small private jet will be capable of flying several times each day, carrying a pilot and one passenger at twice the speed of sound to about 60 km (37 miles) above the Earth. It will take off and land like an airplane at a conventional airport, and use clean-burning, fully reusable, liquid-fuel rocket engines. See more of the Lynx here:

CalPilots invites you to learn more about what space-flight innovator XCOR Aerospace is doing at the California Pilots Association Annual Meeting October 19-21, at Mojave Air and Spaceport, Mojave CA. Register at