Illinois Statewide Aviation Economic Impact Study

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(CalPilots Editor’s Note: When a state or municipality takes the time and makes an effort, the resutls are always favorable to the airports providing a huge benefit to the state or local economy) – The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) Division of Aeronautics sponsored the Statewide Aviation Economic Impact Study of airports in Illinois. The Illinois Aviation System is one of the largest and most diverse airport systems in the United States. By measuring the individual and collective economic activity stemming from these 116 airports and heliports, including the state’s commercial service facilities, the benefits that each airport provides the public, government officials, and other stakeholders were quantified and illustrated.

The study found that Illinois’ system of 116 airports supports more than 337,000 jobs with a combined payroll of $12.8 billion and economic output of $40.9 billion. Detailed results of the study can be found in a technical report and executive summary found on the Reports & Documents page. Individual airport brochures for each of the system airports can be found under the Study Airports page.

The study was performed by CDM Smith. They were assisted by a team of Illinois-based professionals consisting of: Applied Real Estate Analysis (AREA); Crawford, Murphy, and Tilly (CMT); and Hanson Professional Services.