Teaching the Aviators Model Code of Conduct to Kids

faastYou may be familiar with the Aviators Model Code of Conduct. If so, great! If not we invite you to visit http://www.secureav.com/ to learn more.

The Aviators Model Code of Conduct for Kids, an abridged and simplified explanation of the Aviators Model Code of Conduct (AMCC), was released January 2, 2013, by the project’s Permanent Editorial Board. Written for use in the classroom with language appropriate for children, the document exposes young students to important values shared by safe and successful aviators.

The AMCC will introduce students to what it takes to be a good pilot, to fly safely, and be a good passenger if they take a ride in a small plane. Learning the basic rules of flying will help them succeed in many areas of their lives—as students now, and as adults in the future.

Developed by a team of aviation professionals and drawing upon decades of research and experience, the AMCC promotes ongoing improvements in flying quality and safety. The AMCC:

promotes flight and ground safety, professionalism, and pilot contributions to the aviation community and society at large,
encourages the development and adoption of good judgment, ethical behavior, and personal responsibility, and
supports improved communications between pilots, regulators, and others in the aviation industry.
These attributes are important aspects of aviation safety and we thought you might want to share this material with your own children. Yes, we know that many pilots have grown children, so perhaps you will want to share this material with a school in your local area. The relevant links are as follows:

The Media Announcement: http://www.secureav.com/Announcement-Kids.pdf
Teaching the Aviators Model Code of Conduct to Kids (and cover letter to educators) http://www.secureav.com/Announcement-Kids.pdf