Time to support seaplane pilots in Oregon

OPAOn January 31, 2013, in Springfield, there will be held a public meeting regarding the new rules for seaplane operations on Waldo Lake. We need as many pilots as possible to attend and support access for seaplanes to Waldo Lake.

We need to be there in support of the Oregon Department of Aviation Board of Director’s new rules regarding seaplane operation on Waldo Lake. THERE WILL BE GROUPS OPPOSING THIS ACTION IN ATTENDANCE AND WE NEED TO BE THERE TO SUPPORT ODA.

ODA has crafted a reasonable rule for Waldo Lake and pilots of all types should be there to support it. We may be talking about seaplane operations today, but it could be another aviation subject another day, and as pilots in Oregon, we need to support each other. Please review the attachments in this email and do your best to attend this meeting. It is important to ALL aviators.

Fly Safe.

Dennis Smith, President
Oregon Pilots Association