FAA to announce final [Sequester Tower closure] list Monday

(CalPilots Editor’s Note: Airline served ATC Towers are also included – therefore, the current faaAdministration and Congress had better figure it out and soon) – SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) —Two Sacramento airports will find out Monday whether their air traffic control towers will face closure and reduced service due to federal budget cuts.

Sacramento International Airport was listed by the FAA among more than 60 airports nationwide to lose overnight staffing of the tower.

Sacramento Executive Airport was named along with Stockton Municipal airport on the list to have their towers closed.

The FAA announced 238 airports that may have their towers closed.

An estimated 47-thousand FAA employees also face being furloughed at least one day per pay period, under the plan.

The FAA needs to cut $600 million from its budget by April 7 due to the federal budget cuts called sequestration.

The final list of impacted airports is due Monday.