Yuba City Mayor Declares March 'General Aviation Appreciation Month'

Sutter county_airport_O52Yuba City Mayor Declares March ‘General Aviation Appreciation Month’ Issues Proclamation Lauding GA For Its Contributions To The City

Yuba City (CA) Mayor John Buckland recently declared March “GeneralAviation Appreciation Month, according to a news release from the Alliancefor Aviation Across America. “The proclamation highlights the vital rolethat general aviation has in supporting businesses, farms, emergencyresponse, and the overall economy. In California, the general aviation industry contributes an estimated $18.2 billion into the economy every year and the aviation system supports 1.7 million jobs in the state.”

In the proclamation, Buckland specifically mentions Yuba City’s Sutter County Airport (O52) and its contributions to the local economy, “Many businesses, farms, and individuals in the city of Yuba City depend on General Aviation and community airports for the continued flow of commerce,education, and visitors to our city,” the document says.

“We thank Mayor Buckland for his initiative in acknowledging thisimportant sector of the economy,” said Selena Shilad, ExecutiveDirector of the Alliance for Aviation Across America. “General aviation and local airports like Sutter County Airport and Yuba County Airport help to support local commerce and economic growth in theircommunities, provide jobs, and play a vital public safety function, helpingemergency medical services, law enforcement, firefighting, search andrescue, and a host of other important services. We look forward to workingwith the Mayor on this and other important issues related to local airportsand general aviation.”FMI: www.yubacity.net