arcata eurekaCOUNTY BUDGET A FACTOR – Five jobs are on the line at the Arcata-Eureka Airport, including the employee who’s been working to secure a second airline for ACV. Humboldt County Public Works proposed the layoffs to the board of supervisors. “The airport has a severe funding revenue problem,” said Public Works Director Tom Mattson. “Without a new airline this year we’re going to have to tighten our belt.”

Mattson has proposed the cuts be made as 2 Airport Service Workers, a groundskeeper, a building maintenance custodian, and from airport management Program Coordinator Emily Jacobs.

“Those people are really needed at the airport we just don’t have the revenue to support them at this time.” The county aviation fund is facing a shortfall of about $270,000. A third quarter budget review shows cutting those 5 jobs will generate an estimated revenue of about $89,000, leaving $180,000 more in cuts.

“Realizing that this is a worst case scenario,” Mattson said, “I do not want to make any of these cuts. Either the custodians, the A.S.W’s, or Ms. Jacobs.” It’s Jacobs job to find airlines for ACV. She’s been essential to running the airport, even during the controversial paid administrative leave of her supervisor and Airport Manager Jacquelyn Hulsey.     “There may be a way that we can keep Ms. Jacobs and keep her involved and that would be the optimum way to do it.”

If the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors votes to approve the layoffs, Mattson says he will step in to continue talks with airlines. “We’re doing anything that we can between now and July first.” The county has proposed that the employees whose jobs are on the line at the airport be moved to fill some vacant positions in other public works departments. The board of supervisors meets at the courthouse Tuesday at 9am. Related Video: