Reducing the Risk of Runway Incursions

Safety Alert for Operators (SAFO) on Using Runways as Taxiways
A new SAFO has provided information on reducing the risk of runway incursions when taxiing on intersecting or active runways. It is a common practice for ATC at many airports to use active or inactive runways as a taxiway, however, due to runways typically being wider than taxiways, signs located on the edge of the runway may be more difficult for the pilot to see and identify. In addition, many of the visual cues typically present on taxiways such as signs, markings, and lighting, are frequently missed.

The FAA strongly urges directors of operations, safety, training and maintenance, as well as chief pilots, collaborate to: minimize distractions, promote awareness, distribute runway incursion prevention information, and ensure all training events and programs include realistic runway incursion prevention.

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