The time is now ~ at Santa Monica Airport!


CPA-logo-smallAs you may know, Santa Monica Airport (SMO) is under siege by a very small segment of the local population that has succeeded, over time, in getting sway over the City Council.

We need to change that. SMO is a frequent stop for many of you. It is a vital part of our National Airspace System. If SMO goes, so will other airports  ~ SMO is not a single airport; it is, effectively, a signal airport.

Please see the attached letter prepared by the Santa Monica Airport Association. We hope you will turn out to the City Council Meeting on Tuesday evening, March 25 if you are anywhere near Santa Monica (or even if you are not!). We expect a large crowd of “the anti’s”, so arrive early to get a seat (see attachment). We hope some of you will decide to speak publicly on behalf of preserving the airport and all the aircraft and airport services there. You’ll have only two (2) minutes to say your piece, so please prepare your remarks carefully and deliver them politely and sincerely.

Please distribute this letter to any other interested parties as you see fit.

Look forward to seeing you Tuesday evening ~

Edward Story
Regional Vice President
Member, Board of Directors, CalPilots

Santa Monica Airport Association Letter