Open letter to Dianne Feinstein regarding SMO

CPA-logo-smallOpen letter to Dianne Feinstein seeking assistance on maintaining the Santa Monica Airport as part of the state’s and nation’s transport infrastructure.

Honorable Dianne Feinstein
Member, United States Senate
Re: City of Santa Monica v. Federal Aviation Administration

Dear Senator Feinstein:

This is to request that you support the FAA in the lawsuit filed in Federal Court by the City of Santa Monica seeking to close the Santa Monica Airport.

Santa Monica Airport is part of the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems. As such, it qualifies for federal funding for maintenance and safety. It is also included in the California Airport System Plan that is part of California’s Transport System.

A small number of persons living near the Santa Monica Airport are pressuring the City Council to close the Airport. These persons are complaining about noise generated by aircraft using the airport.

This public airport had served the public for many years before any of the complaining persons voluntarily chose to live within the airport influence area. In fairness and the public interest, they should not be allowed to destroy this vital community asset.

Thank you for your anticipated help in preserving this important airport.

Yours truly,

Jay C. White

General Counsel, California Pilots Association