What You Can Do to Help Save Santa Monica Airport

Santa-Monica-AirportIf you have been following this ongoing issue, you know that the City of Santa Monica, driven by “Special Interests”, has been trying to close this airport for years. Why? That’s easy. Regardless of what the city says, it’s really about money.

Special Interest groups will make millions off of developing the land and the city stands to make money too.

The city is skillfully hiding these efforts behind safety issues, unproven health issues, and false accusations of the airport costing taxpayer’s money. Of course the city hasn’t told the taxpayers that they are not counting all of the revenue from the airport, because then taxpayers would know that the airport actually does support itself.

So what can you do? That’s also easy. You can contribute to AOPA’s effort to defend this airport from closure. How? Read on.

Below is the email that AOPA’s President Mark Baker sent out asking for contributions. Before you ignore this request – please think about the consequences here.

Even if you don’t use this airport, or even live in California, this fight affects you. You see, if Santa Monica gets away with this, then your city may try the same tactic.

Aviation needs to join forces to fight the never ending threat from airport land use development greed and city mismanagement of airport facilities.
The California Pilots Association has created a Three Tiered Airport Defense Strategy which breaks down responsibilities of threats to the airports to three levels – local, statewide, and national. This ongoing attack on the Santa Monica Airport is now been raised to the national level, with AOPA and others, helping to fund the legal actions which are sure to develop.

Unfortunately, AOPA cannot do it all. We ask that each aviator and pro-aviation person in the country to contribute to this extremely important cause. We need to band together to fight “City Hall” and show them that they cannot do whatever they want to, which sadly, has become the ‘political mantra’ in our great country. Please help this important cause.

The California Pilots Association thanks you –

Great News! The Campaign to save Santa Monica Airport (SMO) is moving forward. The Elections Board has officially accepted the petition signatures for the Airport ballot initiative. Ballot initiative supporters submitted MORE THAN 15,500 signatures to the Santa Monica City Clerk – that’s 6,000 more than required by law, and the LARGEST petition submission in Santa Monica history!

Now YOUR support is CRITICAL to victory in November!

The airport ballot proposal would change the Santa Monica City Charter to require a vote by the citizens on any city effort to redevelop airport property, close the airport, or restrict aviation activity – blocking the city council from quick, unilateral action that would close or harm the airport.

When local citizens launched the ballot initiative to protect this iconic airport, they faced hostile anti-airport groups, publicity-seeking lawyers, and local politicians and real-estate interests bent on re-developing airport land. These anti-airport groups harassed signature-gatherers, misled voters, and sued the initiative proponents. Airport opponents have made clear that they have no intention of fighting fair, and we have to be ready for anything!

But airport supporters worked even harder, and despite the worst airport opponents could do, our efforts paid off, and the issue is on the ballot this November!

Now we need your help – airport opponents won’t rest, and neither can we! AOPA has supported the effort every step of the way, BUT WE CAN’T DO IT ALONE!

Your contribution to the initiative effort provides the funds needed to keep the campaign going. It is critical to reach to voters to explain this initiative. If we win, we take these important decisions about the future of SMO and the airport property away from a hostile city council. This is critical to ensuring that this vital reliever airport stays open and viable – and we avoid disrupting General Aviation throughout Southern California!

Please give NOW – your support is critical to our effort! In addition to negatively impacting operations at every airport in the region, closure or restrictions at SMO set a DANGEROUS AND FAR REACHING PRECEDENT for hundreds of other airports across the nation!

Click Here to donate right away!

Remember, Santa Monica Airport plays a critical role in the California Airport System, and every aviator in California has a stake in the fate of SMO.

When we win this for Santa Monica, we win for your airport too!

Thanks for your support!

Mark R. Baker

AOPA President and CEO