Art Scholl Aviation Ends 36 Year Run At Rialto Airport

Rialto AirportFinal Fly-In Held As The Business Passes Into The History Books With The Airport Soon To Follow

About 100 pilots quietly held an impromptu fly-in at Rialto Airport (L67) Sunday to mark the passing of two of the industry’s institutions; Art Scholl Aviation and the airport itself.

While the airport is not yet gone, its closure is set for later this year. Judy Scholl decided to close the business this past weekend after 36 years at the airport.

The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reports that Art Scholl moved the FBO to Rialto from Flabob airport in 1978. Scholl was fatally injured in an accident during the filming of Top Gun in 1985, but Judy kept the business open.

Judy planned to move the last of her business out of the airport Tuesday. All that remains at Rialto airport are a few airplanes and the Sheriff’s Aviation Division, which will relocate not later than April 2015.

The airport has been scheduled for closure for some time, but the downturn in the economy put the brakes on residential and retail development in California. Now the airport will likely become housing and strip malls.

Judy told the paper she does not plan to run a business, but will remain active in the aviation community. “It’s a sad day for any airport to close and especially like an airport like this,” she said. “We’ve had a long run and spectacular view but, it wasn’t meant to be.”