Official 2014 KR Gathering

Chino, CA – The KR Is The Little Homebuilt Airplane That Sits So Low You Can Almost Step Over It, But In The Sky, It Can Get Up And Go

The Official 2014 KR Gathering will be held on Friday September 5th through Saturday September 7th at Chino, CA, hosted by Steve Glover. You can usually expect about 10 to 20 KRs to fly in for the Gathering, depending on the weather.

Each year KR enthusiasts, builders, and pilots travel to the KR Gathering to exchange ideas, to learn more about the KR, talk to pilots and other builders, to take pictures to assist in the building process, and to see friends from past Gatherings. This gathering will be the forty-second anniversary of KR flight and the first West Coast KR Gathering in a very long time.

This is the place to put your hands on real KR aircraft, as well as talk to about a hundred other builders and pilots, so don’t miss it! If you’re light and lucky, you might just get a ride in one. You won’t likely forget it very soon.

The Rand Robinson KR is a small single or 2-place homebuilt plane that is well known for great performance on low horsepower. Constructed primarily of wood and composites, it has been a popular and economical homebuilt since the 1970’s. If you are in the in the Southern California area during the KR gathering, It’s the perfect time to see why the KR has become such an enduring design.