Cold temperature altitude corrections

faast(Flying into the mountains this winter?) Cold temperature altitude corrections at “Cold Temperature Restricted Airports”
Notice Number: NOTC5758

Cold Temperature Restricted Airports have now been designated in the United States National Airspace System. The list of airports, the segment of the approach requiring the altitude correction and operating procedures may be found in the Notice to Airmen Publication (NTAP) Part 4. Graphic Notices, Section 1. General. Cold Temperature Restricted Airports. The list will also be available as a PDF on the bottom of the FAA Digital Products, “Terminal Procedures Basic Search” page:

A symbol will be placed on the approach plates for the restricted airport. The symbol indicates a cold temperature altitude correction is required on this approach when reported temperature is at or below the published temperature. The list should be reviewed to determine which segment or segments of the approach require an altitude correction. Some airports may have two temperature restrictions. Temperatures for Cold Temperature Restricted Airports are completely separate from the temperatures published on RNAV approaches. Temperature restrictions on RNAV approaches must be followed, even if warmer than the temperature listed with the snowflake symbol.

New verbiage will also be found throughout the AIM regarding Cold Temperature Altitude Corrections. Pilots must understand they are responsible for applying altitude corrections and advising ATC when these corrections are to be made. Advising ATC of altitude corrections in the final segment is not required. Air Traffic Control will not be responsible for making any altitude corrections and/or advising pilots that an altitude correction is required at the restricted airport.

Cold temperature altitude corrections are only required at the listed airports and only at or below the restricted temperature(s). Applying this procedure is not required at any airfield greater than 2500 feet that is not included on the Cold Temperature Restricted Airport list.

Recommended Actions: Operators of aircraft, directors of safety, directors of operations, chief pilots, dispatch supervisors, fractional ownership program managers and training managers should accomplish the following:
1. View Notice to Airmen Publication (NTAP) Part 4.
Graphic Notices, Section 1. General – Cold Temperature Restricted Airports.
2. Understand the procedures required at Cold Temperature Restricted Airports.

Contact: Questions or comments should be directed to Kel Christianson, Aviation Safety Inspector, AFS-470 at (202) 267-8838.