New NOTAM Search Features Now Available

faastTo help pilots streamline their search for Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) during flight planning, the FAA rolled out some new search features now available at Among the new features is a “search by flight path” capability that allows pilots to see NOTAMS that apply only to the route they custom select using airports, navigational aids, named fixes, and/or route/airway designators to define a flight path.

That flight path width can also be adjusted from one to 125 nautical miles on each side and NOTAMs for up to five alternate airports can also be included. The “search by free text” feature allows you to search for NOTAMs based on a keyword, airport designator, NOTAM number or scenario. Search results can also be custom sorted by location, number, class, start and end dates, and condition. Users can also export search results to a Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF document. Additional enhancements to search capability are expected in the near future.

For more on how to use the search function, click the “help” button at the top right of the NOTAM Search home page to access a user’s guide. Feedback is also encouraged to help make improvements. Next to the help link is a feedback button where you can submit comments.