Halon Fire Extinguisher Update

H3R Aviation, is a supplier of halon fire extinguishers and we have quite significant penetration in the general aviation market. We previously sold a fire extinguisher manufactured in Canada and many months ago observed a rather sharp spike in warranty returns due to leakage. Because these extinguishers do not have a pressure gauge, adherence to maintenance requirements, we believe, are inadequate in assuring that the extinguishers are adequately charged and will perform in an emergency. We issued the attached Service Bulletin to alert interested parties.

Service Bulletins are typically issued by manufacturers rather than distributors (such as H3R), but we felt that in view of the seriousness of the issue, we should take action. We also submitted information to the FAA, which is investigating in conjunction with Transport Canada. UL is also investigating. We feel that there is an urgent need to alert pilots to this potential safety issue and rather than wait for the investigations to be completed, we are attempting to get this important information out now . I could provide you with a short bulletin that could be included in your newsletter, if you feel that it would be appropriate. I would very much appreciate hearing from you. Thank you.

Robin Critelli
H3R Aviation