Preflight those electrons

Notice Number: NOTC5875

There are so many items that need attention before we fly – airplane condition, weather conditions and our own health conditions, just to name a few. But, now we have an entirely new group of items to check due to our fascination with all things electronic. And, all of the electronics that we take with us need our attention too.

Here are some things that need to be done before the electronics go into the flight bag:

Make sure you know how to use it. (Well, duh?) 4,000 feet and 100 knots is no time to try to figure out the buttons. (I often take a new portable device with me in the car. When my wife drives, I am navigating to some airport.)

Make sure that the database information for your route of flight is up-to-date and loaded in the shortcut folder where you can access it quickly.

Make sure that rechargeable batteries are truly recharged. And if using AA or AAA batteries make sure you have spares.

Then, when you get in the plane, figure out if you need to find a place to mount each electronic item or can it sit in your lap? Can you read the screen in the sunlight? Do you need to plug in antennae or power? How can you route those cords so that they are out of the way? Check all of these items out in a no-stress situation.

Before you really depend on any new gadget in flight, take some time, on a totally non-critical flight, to try things out. It is best that you take a friend with you, and have them fly while you play with (excuse me, test) your new equipment.

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