Six Addresses Account For 25,000 Noise Complaints In Chicago

It’s important to understand how some anti-airport types operate. We posted the following article on Chicago O’hare as it also applies to smaller airports. This strategy is frequently used by a few anti-airport neighbors. Now, you will know what types of questions to ask of the city or county when they are faced with airport noise.

Six Addresses Account For 25,000 Noise Complaints In Chicago

Handful Of Residents Account For 63 Percent Of All Complaints

A handful of residents living near Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport have been apparently been busy on their telephones and computers. An official report indicates that of the 39,000 complaints made to the Chicago Department of Aviation’s Airport Noise Management System, 63 percent, or some 25,000, came from six addresses.

The blog Flight Club reports that complaints may be filed either by telephones or online, and an online complaint takes about one minute to complete. Therefore, each of the addresses would have to spend about six hours per day to file that number of complaints. However, the blog reports, the online complaint system does not employ a Captcha … the step that requires you to decipher an image and enter what you see into another box … as a way to combat automatic entries.

The official report lists these specifics:

– 5,677 of 7,771 complaints in Bensenville came from 1 address.

– 4,306 of 9,772 complaints in Chicago came from 1 address.

– 1,770 of 2,340 complaints in Elk Grove Village came from 1 address.

– 11,155 of 11,373 complaints in Norridge came from 1 address.

– 2,079 of 6,811 complaints in Wood Dale came from 2 addresses.

That would average some 360 complaints per day, including weekends.

The Chicago Department of Aviation publishes the monthly report summarizing relevant information based on some 5 million data points that are recorded and stored on the system daily.