President’s Corner 2015 May/June

Volunteer Vacancies and Opportunities

Just before closing up the CalPilots display at the California Aviation Day, an individual came to me with a concern. He discussed a situation in which a privately owned, public use airport was facing a threat of closure because someone had built a fly fishing attraction next door and believed the airplanes flying nearby were causing harm to their business. (Yes, the scenario sounds incredulous — airplane disturbing fish? — but the threat is real!)

He then asked simply if CalPilots could help with the airport’s defense. My answer was both honest and revealing. “Yes,” I said. “CalPilots can help, but how deeply we can get involved will depend on the time our volunteers have available.”

CalPilots exists for the purpose of “Protecting, Preserving, and Promoting California’s General Aviation Community and Airports.”  As an all-volunteer organization, this means, on its most basic level, that a dedicated corps holds the belief that it is worth donating a portion of their life to assure GA thrives.

Today’s easy and rapid email eliminates many of the obstacles that limited demands for CalPilots assistance. Without needing envelopes and stamps, a request for help can be composed quickly and delivered to CalPilots leaders instantly. The result is predictable: far more requests are received now than there are people and time to address them. There are only two solutions (and you already know what they are, right?).

When I talk to people during my travel around the state, the most common response to my asking for their getting involved is, “I’d like to, but I don’t know anything about ___.” I am here to assure you that you don’t need to know anything about “___” to be a volunteer. As CalPilots President, my primary task is to assure those who serve on behalf of the GA Community are provided the tools to do the job. I’m Exhibit A of starting from ground zero.  Those who led when I started showed me the ropes. You can learn, too!

Today we’re encouraging volunteers in several administrative positions. By expanding the staff roles to remove many of the important but routine tasks from the Directors and Officers who must now perform them. Freeing up time for these individuals to assess and respond to airport threats instead of mailing membership cards is a logical step in efficiency. But, it requires your willingness to help.  Contact me to discuss how you can help.

Note: See the listing of Volunteer Vacancies elsewhere in this newsletter.

CalPilots Staff Volunteer Vacancies

If you would like to assist in any of the following positions, please contact the CalPilots President for further information.  A one-year commitment is encouraged though other term lengths will be considered to accommodate your needs.
• Chapter Administrator — facilitate communications with and monitor the regulatory compliance of organizations participating in CalPilots’ IRS 501(c)3 Group Exemption.
• Administrative Assistant — process membership applications, prepare monthly membership reports, receive and direct incoming communications to appropriate personnel. Respond to routine inquiries.
• Legislative Affairs Assistant — monitors ongoing legislative actions within the State Assembly and Senate to identify bills and rulemaking that may impact General Aviation.
• Region Vice President. Primary contact for CalPilots members in a geographic region of the state. Serves on the Board of Directors. Positions available in Regions 1 and 4.